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Construction and Architectural Documentation

Construction documentation is about cost. We believe in measure twice cut once. Do you know that you can save upto 30% of your construction cost, if you have done your home work.

How many times have to seen things going wrong at site, wasting labour and material.

If you are a builder you will understand the cost of just being at site, even if there is no one working at site.

If you shorten your construction project time by a week, just calculate the amount of money you are going to save.

Archiplan will help you get you drawings, your planning sheets accurate using modern tools never available before.

Full BIM means, All class A items are are available to you as part of documenations. No guessing, no poking around.

Accurate documentation gives you better pricing from your subcontractor. There will much less conflict between trades. YOUR TIME AT SITE WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED.

Imagine saving 30% of your project cost before you start. Talk to us and find out how.